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EP-M100T Metal 3D Printer

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Small Sized Metal 3D Printer

With Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology

Using Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology, it selectively melts fine layers of metal powder directly from 3D file. EP-M100T, with a smaller build chamber, which is best for small parts printing, finds its wide use in dental, jewelry, medical market, etc. The system is also ideal for lab environment, where less accessory equipment and less powder are required. The open system provides limitless imagination for the lab experiment.

Precision and high property printing

  • Visualized touch screen design of control console, offers user-friendly operation.
  • Remote control and diagnosis via phone,
  • Multiple precaution system, safety protects both human and machine
  •  Integrated design makes operation and maintenance convenient.
  • High precise and high property printing quality
  • Lean design to ensure low cost operation
  • Wide application and diversity of printing material

EP-M100T Metal 3D Printer Specifications

Model EP-M100T
Material Stainless steel, maraging steel, high temperature nickel base alloy, cobalt chromium alloy,  high strength steel, copper alloy
Building Volume 120 × 120 × 80 mm
Layer Thickness 0.015-0.05 mm
Laser Power 100 w/200 w
Layer Thickness 0.015mm-0.05mm
Scanning System High precision galvanometer
Scanning Speed 8 m/s
Control Software Eplus 3D printing software
OS System Support Windows 7
Air Supply Ar / N2
Power Supply 380 v 2 kw
Output Data Format STL or other convertible file
Dimension 940 × 1300 × 1980 mm ( L x W x H )
Machine Weight 500 kg
Work Temperature 15-30 °C

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