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iSLA-650 Pro Stereolithography 3D Printer

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Perfect Printing Results

By the professionals in 3D printing technology

iSLA-650 Pro Stereolithography 3D Printer is developed by SHINING3D, which is professional in 3D printing technology. The system is user friendly, high stability, free maintenance and perfect printing result.

Automatic & Intelligent

  • High Accuracy, from 0.05 – 0.2mm
  •  High Resoluton, with smooth suface ra < 0.1micron
  • Can create any complicated components (such as hollow parts)
  • Highly automated processing, remote control within LAN network, voice and sms reminder

Video Demonstration

iSLA-650 Stereolithography 3D Printer Specifications

Model iSLA-650 Pro
Material 355 nm photosensitive resin
Build Volume 650 × 600 × 400 mm
Layer tdickness 0.05 mm – 0.2 mm to choose
Build Accuracy ±0.1 mm(witdin 100 mm) or ±0.1% (more tdan100 mm)
Printing Speed 120 g/h to choose
 Resin Slot Changeable
Laser Source 355 nm
(12 montds warranty)
Scanner Made in Germany
Facula Size <0.2 mm; around 0.1 mm
Facula Correction Dynamic focusing
Scanning Speed 10 m/s maximum
Heating Metdod PTC heating panel
Power Supply 220 v 50 Hz
Power 3 kw *
Dimension 1220 × 1400 × 2000 mm
Weight Around 1.3 t
(resin included)

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