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Known For Their Quality, Durability and High Level Control

A leading European manufacturer of integrated 3D printing solutions

Based on those specifics users often choose Zortrax’s products to create functional prototypes, complexed 3D models and other advanced 3D prints demanding rigorous quality standards. The integrated ecosystem guarantees that all its elements such as printers, filaments or software will be working in a perfect coherence allowing the user to effectively reduce both the time and costs of their business.

Zortrax M200

  • High dimensional precision of the 3 printed elements, necessary for assembling models that consist of many parts
  • Smooth surface of the 3D printed models,
  • Repeatability of the subsequently produced models
  • Variety of the printing materials
  • Reliability and low failure frequency
  • Simple calibration and maintenance of the device
  • Advanced software functionalities
  • Ease of use and simple implementation process
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Zortrax M300

Now, you have bigger capabilities, larger workspace, and endless printing possibilities. Size is no longer a problem.

  • Zortrax M300 took what’s best of Zortrax M200 – reliability, dimensional accuracy, and precision.
  • Larger workspace
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  • Printing head equipped with a nozzle which enables 3D printing with tow materials simultaneously – the base and the support material,
  • Heated chamber – it allows maintaining constant temperature inside the 3D printer which guarantees high quality of the 3D printed models
  • System of the dissolvable support material – necessary for 3D printing high complexity models, for example movable parts or architectural mockups with detailed interior.
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Zortrax Materials

Zortrax developed a range of dedicated 3D printing materials characterized by various properties. Some of the available models we carry are; Z-ULTRAT, Z-HIPS, Z-GLASS, Z-PETG, Z-PCABS, Z-ABSZ-ESD, Z-ASA Pro, Z-PLA Pro.

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