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3D Scanner Products

EinScan-Pro        EinScan-Pro+        EaScan-D        AutoScan-IT        RobotScan E0505        OptimScan 3M / 5M        FreeScan X5 / X7


Portable, Highly Accurate and Versatile

Accuracy: 0.05mm – (.0019in) single scan
Measuring Range: 0.03-4m
Light Source: White light LED


New HD Scanning Mode Enablement/ Enlarged Scanning Area/ Rapid Registration Optional Modul

Accuracy: 0.05mm
Measuring Range: 0.05-4m


Eascan-D 3D scanner is specially designed for 3D measurement

Accuracy: 0.02-0.05mm
Measuring Range: under 1.5m
Light Source: Blue Light(LED)


Accuracy, Speed and Complete 3D Scanning for jewelry, hearing aids, small industrial parts.

Accuracy: < 0.015mm
Light Source: White light (LED)

RobotScan E0505

Full Size & Mass Automatic Inspection

Accuracy: 0.015 mm
Measuring Range: Maximum
Scan Diameter: 500 mm
Light Source: Blue light

OptimScan 3M/5M

Extraordinary speed and accuracy for dimension inspection.

Accuracy: From 0.005-0.015 mm
Measuring Range: From under 1.5 meter
Light Source: Blue light (LED)

FreeScan X5/X7

High-accurate, innovative, portative handheld 3D scanner

Resolution: 0.100 (mm)
Accuracy: maximum 0.035 (mm)
Measuring Range: 0.1 – 8(m), extendable
Light Source: 10 laser array, Class II (eye safe)

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