Plug-n-Play software solution for robotics simulation and programming

RobotExpert is an easy-to-deploy robotic simulation and programming software that supports unique industry applications such as pick-and-place, material surface treatment, arc welding and laser cutting.

RobotExpert enables manufacturing companies to simulate and program offline their robotics workcells, thus get products to market faster, save engineering time, minimize production line downtime while simultaneously improving product quality.


  • 3D modeling of kinematics tools, assistors and robots
  • Support for robots from a vast array of vendors
  • Collision detection
  • Gantt chart representation
  • Offline- robot programming
  • Accurate cycle time calculation using realistic robot simulation (RRS)
  • Highly customized user interface and functionality
  • Intuitive and native Windows environment software
  • Ability to upload robot programs from the shop floor

Robotic Offline Programming

“XML customization provides the ability for offline programming of the vision system and welding process. Startup time was reduced to just one cycle for verificationWith RobotExpert, programming is done independently from production. As a result, our manufacturing process is more flexible and setup time is reduced.”

Guillermo Rozze, President, Indumix S.A

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