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ZW3D for Manufacturing

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ZW3D CAM is comprehensive, intuitive software for programming CNC machines, offering 2-5 axis milling, turning, high-speed machining and drill strategies. Powered by the unique QuickMillTM technology, with automatic feature/region identification and a flexible tool path editor, engineers can generate highly reliable and easy-to-program tool-paths efficiently; bringing you unmatched productivity and reliability.

2-Axis Milling

The 2-axis milling tactic provides a rich set of tool paths for rough stock removal and finishing. It also provides the means for the operator to make holes or cut access holes with drills or mill tools. The2.5-axis tool paths include profiling and pocketing by collapsing step-over(inward or outward), parallel linear cuts, or continuous spiraling.

  • Easily generate tool-paths based on features and profiles.
  • Smartly avoid the collision with part detection.

 3-Axis Milling

Intelligent 3-axis milling provides productive roughing and smooth finishing. QuickMillTM  technology helps improve programming efficiency, save machining time and lengthen tool life.

  • Smooth flow adjust the tool path maintaining a constant load on the tool and avoid full width cuts.
  • AFC function enable to optimize the feed rates based on tool load, increases the work efficiency and prevent tool breakage.
  • Reference operation detects machining status automatically, simplifies the programming and saves machining time.

2-Axis Turning

The turning module supports OD and ID roughing, finishing, threading, and grooving operations. Hole making operations are also included. The standard functionalities of tool library, operation management, verification and simulation are also supported.

  • Wireframe, surface and solid feature both can be recognized.
  • Support outside diameter (OD) and inner diameter (ID) roughing, finishing, threading, grooving operations, etc.
  • Provide a rich tool library and support tool customization.

Post Processor

ZW3D Post provides advanced post-processing capability for converting cutter location data (APT-CL) into machine specific code (G and M code) required by CNC machines. ZW3D Post is integrated into all ZW3D machining bundles.

ZW3D Post Features:

  • Supports all classes of 2 and 3 axis milling machines
  • Access to all internal postprocessor variables
  • User-definable postprocessor syntax
  • CL file conversion
  • Automatic conversion of point to point data to CNC format
  • State-of-the-art technology using Windows GUI
  • An easy to use macro language
  • Conversational output style support

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